Connor and Imogen plan their escape!


It’s the end of term and Connor is acting suspiciously happy around his mum Christine – especially since he says that he’s just broken up with Imogen. Christine asks him what he’s hiding and why he’s in such a good mood, but he simply says there’s nothing the matter. However, he’s lying to her, and is in fact plotting to hide out over the summer with Imogen and escape his mum.

Meanwhile, Lorraine is pushing forward with her changes for Waterloo Road. She says that the pupils who are falling behind and are disruptive need to leave, and top of her list is Phoenix. Michael tells her that they need to stick by him and help him through school, but she says he has to go. Lorraine delivers the bad news, and Phoenix is devastated that he will be separated from Harley. However, later on, Lorraine announces that she is going to build a special facility at the school to accommodate disruptive pupils, so Phoenix will be able to stay nearby.

Michael then goes to visit his father Billy, who has become increasingly unwell. In private, Billy asks Michael to help him end his life. In tears, Michael doesn’t know what to do. However, he decides to open a bottle of medicine for his father, who proceeds to drink the contents and passes away. Later at school, the police arrive to arrest Michael and he admits that he helped his father die.

Then, Christine rumbles Connor and Imogen’s plan. Connor completely flips when his mum starts saying horrible things about his girlfriend, and in a rage, he goes home and collects all of the bottles of alcohol from around the house. He takes them into school staffroom and tells all of the teachers the truth about his mum. He then starts a fire, but when Imogen comes to help him, a tin of paint explodes in her face. She’s left unconscious and with horrific injuries, and Christine takes the blame for starting the fire at the school.