Sasha sees Mark staring at The Loft and is suspicious and she sneaks into The Loft to warn Warren. Sasha spots Warren hiding a stash of heroin behind the bar just before the police burst in. Calvin sweats when Warren is cool about the bust and he’s devastated and Warren surprised when no drugs are found on the premises. Meanwhile, Sasha has taken the heroin home to save Warren and struggles with temptation.

Sarah avoids Lydia and heads to Zoe’s for a sleepover. Leila takes Lydia to the sleepover and Lydia is frosty with a guilty Sarah, as is Leila, who is angry with Sarah kissing Elliot. Sarah promises Leila that the kiss was a dare and when Leila won’t believe her she confesses that she’s gay and she fancies Lydia. Sarah admits to Lydia that she’s been struggling with her sexuality and they share a passionate kiss.

Archie and Elliot hide out in Zak’s room and listen in on the girls during the sleepover. Elliot is gutted when he realises that he’s deeply upset Leila by rejecting her. The boys are found out when Archie tries to sneak out of the room to go to the loo and Leila is mortified when she realises Elliot has overheard everything.

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