Coronation Street Boxing Day spoilers: Gail Platt discovers what Lewis is up to!

Gail Platt listens to Lewis’ conversation and her eyes widen in shock.

Lewis takes a phone call and heads out to the Rovers’ back yard to have his secretive conversation, but Gail Platt follows him, knowing he’s up to something.

As she listens to his conversation, her eyes widen in shock and horror. What the hell is Lewis planning and can Gail stop him before it’s too late?

Coronation Street spoilers: Gail Platt discovers what Lewis is up to!

Gail turns super spy in Coronation Street – but can she stop Lewis?

Johnny is wondering where Jenny has got to when she suddenly returns home feeling terribly hungover and looking awful. But how will Johnny react after the scene in the Rovers the night before when he was accused of beating her up by Gemma?

Johnny Connor in Coronation Street

Sophie and Tim arrange a meeting with Paula in the hope that they can rally her into helping Sally. But they are left disappointed when Paula explains that Sally’s only chance of release is a confession from Duncan. Have they decided it’s time they show Duncan who’s boss and get Sally back home for the New Year?

Gail is furious to learn that she is the last to know of Nick’s secret wife and impending divorce, meanwhile Audrey tells David that she intends to wind down over the next year and hand over her share of the business to him. How will David react?