Coronation Street Sally Webster realises Duncan has incriminated her!

Things go from bad to worse for Sally Webster after she confronts Duncan.

Sally Webster is shocked that Duncan must have planted the phone to incriminate her. Gina thinks they should dispose of it but Geoff calls the police and hides the phone under a plant pot. Sally and Tim let the police in and take them to the phone but it has disappeared.

Thinking on his feet, Sean lies to Billy making out that he’s become a volunteer and he’s here to help serve the food. Billy’s not entirely convinced. When Carol arrives at the food van, Sean makes out she’s someone he used to work with at the bingo hall. Will Billy believe him?

Imran apologises to Leanne. He’s impressed when Sabine comes in demanding money in the divorce and Leanne introduces herself as his PA, saying she will have to make an appointment.

Imran apologises to Leanne.

Audrey decides to give Lewis another chance but in order to spend time with him she tells Gail she has won a cruise and will be away. Johnny agrees to Jenny’s plans for a refurb of the Rovers.

Second episode of Coronation Street shown tonight.