Coronation Street spoilers: Will Chesney Brown tell Gemma how he really feels?

Gemma thanks Chesney Brown for being the best friend ever. But will he pluck up the courage to tell her he loves her?

As Chesney Brown comforts Gemma, she thanks him for being the best friend ever. Cathy tells Chesney that if he doesn’t tell Gemma how he truly feels about her then she will.       

Johnny tells Liz how Jenny proved a liability in the mediation meeting and he plans to leave her. Despite her love for him, Liz tells Johnny that whether he likes it or not, Susie belongs with her Mum and he belongs with his wife. At the Rovers, a drunk Toyah tells Leanne she’s lost Peter, her baby and soon her home too. As she stares at Susie in her moses basket we then see the basket is empty.                                      

When an edgy looking Mr Fitzgerald returns to the garage, claiming he left his wallet in the minibus, Abi refuses to let him in having called the police. As they search for drugs Tyrone suspects Abi’s responsible but when they arrest Mr Fitzgerald, he feels awful. Spotting the police with Abi, Steve reports back to Eileen. Abi’s furious, pointing out she was simply giving a statement and now Steve could have scuppered her chances of getting her kids back.

Brian and Cathy look at some empty shop premises. Tim’s proud when Sally reveals she plans to help look after Jack.

Second episode of the evening.