Coronation Street spoilers: Abi Franklin experiences every mother’s worst nightmare…

Coronation Street spoilers - the police call and tell Abi Franklin that Seb has been attacked

In tonight’s second episode of Coronation Street (ITYV, 8.30pm) the stags and hens continue their celebrations oblivious to what has gone on on the wasteland, until the police arrive on the street to break the devastating news that Seb Franklin and Nina have been attacked.

In the hospital, the nurse explains to Roy how Nina sustained several blows to her head and is currently undergoing an operation.

the nurse explains to Roy how Nina sustained several blows to her head

Roy is shocked when the police call and explain that he needs to go to the hospital immediately

As a horrified Abi takes in the extent of Seb’s injuries, the doctor assures her they’re doing everything they can and they’re hopeful he’ll make a full recovery. But will things take a turn for the worse for poor Seb?

Kelly returns home and does her best to mask her terror about what happened to Nina and Seb. Realising she’s drunk, Imran and Toyah tear a strip off her and order her to knuckle down and sort herself out. Will Corey get in touch and scare her into doing what he says?

Imran and Toyah tear a strip off Kelly

Will Kelly stay quiet about the attack when Toyah and Imran confront her about her behaviour?

Meanwhile, Asha returns home from Amy’s to find Corey already there. He lies, making out he’s been home ages and was worried about her. Aadi calls at Asha and Corey’s flat and tells them how somebody beat up Seb and Nina and they’re now in hospital. Asha reels but whilst Corey acts shocked, will she smell a rat?

Corey acts shocked about the attack

Can Corey convince a shocked Asha that he had nothing to do with the attack on Nina and Seb?

Coronation Street continues on ITV.