Coronation Street spoilers: Adam Barlow feeds Gary’s suspicions…

Adam Barlow has a big reveal for Gary. First part of our two part preview of tonight's hour-long episode

As Maria cuts Brian’s hair, she tells him how Gary has invited her to meet him in the Rovers for fizz to celebrate their engagement in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings). Gary is surprised when, at a house clearance job, he bumps into Sharon who arrives to collect the old man’s debt.

When she suggests he join forces with her he is tempted, but ends up refusing. Back on the street, he approaches Adam Barlow who is about to leave for his honeymoon but he’s shocked with what Adam has to say…

Gary is shocked with what Adam has to say...

Gary is shocked with what Adam has to say…

Carla chats to Nina as she watches her sew. When Carla reveals that Roy’s going bat watching later, Nina’s ears prick up. When Amy, Simon and Asha reveal that they’re off to a gig in town tonight, Carla persuades them to let Nina tag along too.

But when she tells Nina about the gig this evening, she’s not keen and admits that she’d rather go bat watching with Roy.

Nina drives Carla batty!

Nina drives Carla batty

Beth drops a cake round for Craig, and although he reluctantly accepts it, he points out he could really do with losing some weight. Later, Brian hotfoots it from the Kabin after a shoplifter and Craig gives chase but soon finds himself out of breath and gives up. Craig confides in Kirk how his colleagues at work make jibes about his size and it’s time he did something about it.

Craig decides to get fit!

Craig decides to get fit!

A nervous Aggie sets off for her first day back in a nursing job as Ed wishes her luck. Ed apologises to James and admits he totally overreacted and should never have spoken to Danny like he did.

James remains hurt and angry but agrees they should make an effort for Aggie’s sake.