Coronation Street Spoilers: Aidan Connor confronts Eva Price and makes a life-changing decision

Aidan Connor apologies to Eva Price but is the guilt too much for him to bear?

Admitting he found the address for the cottage in Toyah’s handbag, Aidan Connor apologises to Eva Price for how he spoke to her when he found out she was pregnant. Eva’s confused as to what exactly he knows but when Aidan Connor brings up Susie, Eva bursts into tears and tells him she’s sorry. Will Aidan blow his top about her lies or will he step up to support her and the baby? And how will Eva react when she discovers Aidan has purposely left her engagement ring.

When Toyah video calls Eva at the cottage she panics on seeing Aidan’s coat on the sofa. Eva tells Toyah about Aidan’s visit and how she thinks he wants to get back together. Back on the street Toyah goes to speak to Aidan.

Craig tells Kayla about his OCD and she apologises. As she interrupts their meal again Craig’s amused by her eccentric personality but Bethany’s annoyed, even more so when Kayla gives Craig her number!

Emma confides in Maria about David being distant with her, admitting they’ve only slept together once and he freezes if she goes near him. Maria confronts David but he tells her to back off before trying to break up with Emma. Robert tries to get Carla and Michelle to make peace. Sally tells Daniel she can’t help Flora.

Second episode of the evening.