Coronation Street Spoilers: Ali Neeson finds an ally in Toyah

Toyah volunters to help a tortured Ali Neeson

Ali Neeson struggles to conceal the symptoms of his withdrawal to a knowing Toyah in the cafe in Coronation Street. Toyah tells him that whenever he’s ready to talk about his problems, she’s willing.

Toyah tells Ali Neeson that it’s good to talk

Bernie’s gutted when Kel leaves, blaming Paul for making him feel unwelcome. Meanwhile, Billy quizzes Gemma about Paul’s feud with Kel. Gemma reveals they used to be inseparable until one day Paul flipped, making everyone’s lives a misery and causing Bernie and Kel to split. Billy is concerned when he learns Paul was fourteen and later asks Paul outright what went on. Paul furiously orders Billy to never come near him again.

Billy quizzes Gemma about Paul’s feud with Kel.

Sinead assures Daniel that any decision on where to spend her final days will be in the best interests of him and Bertie but back home from her chemo session, an exhausted Sinead is sick in a bucket while Bertie cries in his bedroom.

Ed puts his foot down about the house party however devious Aggie reveals to her sons the party will instead be a surprise birthday bash for Ed and that their sister has agreed to fly in for Ed’s party. Derek’s horrified to learn that Gary’s the father of Izzy’s son and, while Izzy returns to work, Derek knocks back a drink.

Second episode of Coronation Street tonight.