Coronation Street spoilers: Ali Neeson kidnaps Maria?

Maria is terrified when Ali Neeson traps her inside his car

In tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) Ali Neeson assures Ryan that he didn’t take any diazepam and that Gary, or someone hired by Gary, must have spiked his drink.

Ryan’s convinced Ali’s in denial but Ali is convinced that Gary is trying to kill him and tells Ryan that is going to prove it. Spotting Ali sitting in his car, Maria climbs into the passenger seat and quizzes him about his overdose. But she’s horrified when he locks her in and tells her how he suspects Gary spiked his drink. As Maria pulls fruitlessly at the door handle, Ali starts the car.

When Aggie reveals that they’ve had several calls from newspapers wanting to get his side of the story, James is beside himself. Later, the County Manager and Press Officer call at No.3 to discuss his options promising that he has their full support.

James Bailey takes matters into his own hands

James Bailey takes matters into his own hands

When Alya spots the same spelling mistake in the new menus Geoff has done as in some of the bad reviews online it finally dawns that it was him all along. Sick of being cooped up in the house, Yasmeen reckons it’s time she returned to work but Geoff’s quick to dissuade her and suggests she cooks him a nice lunch at home instead. As Yasmeen and Geoff sit down to lunch, Alya marches in and presenting them with the evidence, suggests Geoff is the author of the nasty online reviews.

When an excited Nina tells Carla how they’re meeting the group later to put up the bat boxes, Roy lies and tells her the meeting’s cancelled. Nina’s hugely disappointed but when she discovers the bat meeting hasn’t been cancelled at all, she wonders if Roy’s ashamed to be seen with her.