Coronation Street spoilers: Alya Nazir tells a smug Carla she can stick her job

Alya Nazir quits when Carla goads her over her handling of the MacNees order

In the factory, Alya Nazir announces she’s secured a huge order with MacNees. However her euphoria is short-lived when Carla points out they haven’t got the material. Adam advises Jenny and Carla that their only hope of hanging on to the factory is to claim that Aidan was of unsound mind when he made his will.

Jenny insists they find another way as Johnny would never agree to that. When Carla goads Alya over her handling of the MacNees order, Alya’s furious and telling Carla she can stick her job, storms out.

Alone in her office, Carla’s overwhelmed with guilt and emotion. Meanwhile Kate and Johnny clash over Aidan’s funeral, Kate angry at his wasted life.

Craig and Gemma join Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on the This Morning sofa. Rosie makes a late entrance looking a million dollars. As their families gather round the TV Beth’s annoyed, wondering where Kirk has got to. After the interview, a modelling agent approaches Rosie.

Sharon lures Kirk to Speed Dail, making out she has a blind date and needs a bodyguard. Once there she claims her date has stood her up and Kirk’s oblivious to her lies.

First episode of the evening.