When the cotton mill cancels at the last minute, Mary’s forced to move Jude and Angie’s vow renewal to Speed Daal. As the guests gather everyone is oblivious to Jude’s nerves, his marriage is resting on this! When Imran arrives with an unsuspecting Angie Appleton she’s horrified and orders Jude into the kitchen. As he lies that Mary sprung it on him too, he begs Angie to play along for Mary’s sake, will she agree?

Angie Appleton is floored at the vowel renewal

When Carla realises Sinead has used factory offcuts to alter Cathy’s coat she orders her to work overtime to pay for it. Guilty Daniel apologises to Carla, asking her not to punish Sinead as she’s pregnant. Carla agrees to cancel the overtime and keep quiet about the pregnancy, but when Sinead sees Daniel kissing Carla on the cheek will she jump to conclusions?

Jack’s underwhelmed by his welcome home party and even the arrival of Tommy Orpington fails to lift his spirits. As Jack heads to bed the party breaks up.

Jack’s underwhelmed by his welcome home party

Peter’s proud of Simon for standing up to Tyler in court but when he gets off with a slap on the wrist, Simon fears he’ll come after him. Tyrone tells Fiz he isn’t going to his mum’s will reading.

First episode of Coronation Street this evening.