Coronation Street spoilers: Are Sarah Platt and Adam back together?

Coronation Street spoilers - Carla plays cupid for Sarah Platt and Adam

Carla hopes Peter will join her in a hotel she has booked for a conference but he declines in tonight’s first episode of Coronation Street (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Later, she attempts to set Sarah Platt and Adam up by inviting them both to lunch and hints if all goes well she has a spare hotel room for them for the night. Will Sarah and Adam reunite? Meanwhile, Abi is suspicious when Barry calls at the Rovers to check how Peter’s doing…

After a night working on the helpline, Paul can barely keep his eyes open at work. While he nips to the loo, cunning Todd swaps the delivery boxes meant for the hospital. When Sarah tears a strip off Paul for sending out the wrong order to the hospital, Paul tells her to stick to her job and marches off.

Sarah shouts at Paul, unaware Todd set him up!

Sarah shouts at Paul, unaware Todd set him up!

Ray offers Faye the role of trainee manager across his entire hotel and restaurant chain. She’s thrilled whilst Craig masks his unease.

Faye is trilled with Ray's job offer

Faye is thrilled with Ray’s job offer

Craig casually asks Sally if there are any local development plans and she says she’ll call her contact on the planning committee to find out.