Coronation Street spoilers: Arthur Medwin has an offer for Evelyn

Coronation Street spoilers - Will Evelyn leave the Street with Arthur Medwin?

In tonight’s second episode of Coronation Steet (ITV, 8.30pm; see our TV Guide for full listings) Evelyn tells Arthur Edwin how sorry she is to hear about Beryl.

But when Arthur suddenly breaks the news that he’s moving back to Canada tomorrow and suggests that she should come with him, how will she react?

Coronation Street spoilers: Arthur Medwin has an offer for Evelyn

Is Evelyn ready to leave her life behind for Arthur? Or will she stay in Weatherfield?

Discussing the fact that their eviction letters were delivered within seconds of the committee’s decision, Sally smells a rat, while Kevin’s disgusted with his sister.

Nick tells Ray that he’s changed his mind and would like to accept his offer to relocate the business but Ray laughs in his face and declares he’s too late.

Smug Ray laughs in Nick's face

Smug Ray laughs in Nick’s face – can anyone wipe the grin off Ray’s face or has he won?

Abi tells the residents that the only way to beat Ray is if they all pull together. Meanwhile, Ray meets up with the Chairperson of the planning committee and buys her a drink.

Determined to find out once and for all if he’s the father, Michael and Grace wait their turn at the paternity clinic.

Coronation Street continues on ITV.