Coronation Street spoilers: Is Geoff stealing from Yasmeen Nazir?

Will Yasmeen Nazir suspect Geoff when she discovers she has been robbed?

Coronation Street‘s Yasmeen Nazir is horrified to discover her jewellery and photos missing and Geoff is quick to point the finger of blame at Alya’s DJ mates. Horrified, Alya offers to pay Yasmeen back and goes off in search of the guys who were at the house.

Geoff meanwhile tells Yasmeen he’s changed the locks but is secretly pleased when she remains jumpy. As Alya and Ryan head home they spot Geoff ahead of them but are shocked when he pulls his phone out of his pocket and Yasmeen’s bracelet falls out.

Coronation Street spoilers: Is Geoff Stealing from Yasmeen Nazir?

Is Geoff Stealing from Yasmeen Nazir?

Nick tries to speak to Audrey to build bridges but Paula reminds him he is in breach of his bail conditions by approaching her. Leanne is thrilled when Nick gives her a bracelet for her birthday and suggests a get together. Gail tries to persuade Audrey to come along. Will she agree?

Nick tries to speak to Audrey to build bridges

Audrey Roberts doesn’t want to hear from Nick

When Adam reveals that Carla’s due home tomorrow, Sarah worries that she’ll want to take back the factory reins.

Having taken a phone call from the school informing her that Liam isn’t well, Maria ushers Ali out of the salon explaining she has to close up. As she waits with Liam in the medical centre, Ali casts her admiring glances and Liam clocks his interest.

As a nervous Sean readies himself for his date, Paul sends a cheeky text from Sean’s phone to the guy he’s meeting up with. Having read the text, Sean’s hurt whilst Billy’s unimpressed with Paul’s behaviour.