Coronation Street spoilers: Bethany Platt has an offer for James…

Bethany Platt quizzes James on his career and makes him an offer.

Bethany Platt asks James about the politics of being a professional footballer and says it would make a great article in Wednesday’s second episode (8.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Marion arrives in Coronation Street and reveals to Shona that she’s Max’s grandma, he has been visiting her regularly and he’s currently at her house.

Coronation Street spoilers: Bethany Platt has an offer for James…

Will James agree to help Bethany Platt with her article or will the exposure be too much?

Realising Shona is drunk, she claims she’s an unfit mother. Marion visits Adam to ask how she should go about getting custody of her grandchildren, unaware of the connection to the Platts Adam advises her.

Shona’s in the middle of telling Sarah about Marion’s visit when Lily admits she pushed Harry. Shona is gutted when she receives a text from Marion informing her that she’ll be hearing from her solicitor.

It’s clear Gemma’s bump is giving her the hump as two firemen dismantle the turnstile, finally setting Gemma free. Chesney takes Gemma to the hospital.

Daniel and Sinead realise time is ticking as they settle down in front of the telly, aware these moments will soon be a thing of the past.

Yasmeen reluctantly reveals that Alya is happy for her to invest in the business – but not Geoff causing him to storm off.