Coronation Street spoilers: Has Bethany Platt worked out Gary has been lying?

Bethany Platt is intrigued when she spots Gary wearing a shirt and tie.

Having changed back into his builder’s clothes, Gary returns home. Bethany Platt is intrigued and tells Sarah that earlier she saw him wearing a shirt and tie. Will Sarah confront Gary about where he has really been?

Has Bethany Platt realised Gary has been lying?

Has Bethany Platt seen through Gary?

Imran maintains his innocence as the police question him over the stolen H&S report. When questioned about Nick’s involvement, Imran becomes suspicious and wonders if Nick is implicated in Wayne’s report. Will he uncover what Nick’s been hiding?

Imran maintains his innocence

Imran maintains his innocence

Kate is overcome with emotion when a police officer hands her a bag containing Rana’s personal effects. Will Kate decide it’s time she cut her losses and leave the street?

In the cab office, Dev and Steve conduct a blood pressure competition with Tim adjudicating. Who will come out on top?

Second episode of Coronation Street tonight.