An excited Brian and Cathy head over to tell Rita Sullivan that they are buying the Kabin but are thwarted when she furiously announces Norris has sold the shop from under her, unaware that they are the buyers.

Will they put her straight? And how will she react if they do?

Coronation Street spoilers: Brian and Kathy have a surprise for Rita Sullivan

Brian and Kathy bring surprise news to Rita

It’s the day of the court case and Liz is fretting about Jenny but Steve insists it is up to the judge to decide her fate. Johnny returns from Brighton to find Jenny in bits and wonders whether he should have left her alone while he went to visit Eva.

Gemma asks Imran to help but he says nothing will stop the case other than if Liz doesn’t turn up. Desperate to help Jenny, Gemma blags her way into Liz’s flat, what is she up to?

When Shona and Bethany discover that Nick and David are looking to hire some ‘totty’ for the customers to ogle at they vow to get revenge. What do they have planned?

Chesney’s disappointed when Gemma agrees to meet him for a drink at dinner time but fails to show up. Is she having second thoughts about their romance?

Coronation Street continues tonight at 8.30pm