Coronation Street spoilers: Can Alya Nazir stop Yasmeen leaving the street?

Alya Nazir is desperate to separate Yasmeen from Geoff

Whilst Geoff fills Yasmeen’s head with tales of what their life would be like abroad, she makes it clear she doesn’t want to leave Alya Nazir but he insists she can come and stay whenever she likes.

When a valuer calls at Speed Daal and reveals that Geoff has hired him as he and Yasmeen are selling their share of the business, Alya’s deeply shocked. She calls at No.6 and when she demands to know what’s going on Yasmeen reveals that they’re moving to Cyprus.

Alya is horrified and tells Yasmeen that it’s clear Geoff is abusing her and trying to separate her from the people who care about her.

Determined to rescue her Gran from the clutches of Geoff, Alya grabs some of Yasmeen’s clothes and starts stuffing them into a bag in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings)..

Coronation Street spoilers: Can Alya Nazir stop Yasmeen leaving the street?

Ayla fears for her grandmother’s safety

Ken’s interested to see that there’s a Literary Society talk planned for that evening. However when Felicity explains that Roger has had to pull out and the talk might be cancelled, Claudia is quick to suggest Ken could step into the breach. He takes the stage and reads aloud one of his short stories whilst Claudia looks on proudly. When Felicity asks for questions from the floor, the first hand up is Norris Cole!

After a sleepless night, a frazzled Gemma opens the door to Bernie who bustles her way in. Bernie casts her eye over the mess at No.5 and realises Gemma isn’t coping. When she insists she’s fine, it’s clear to Bernie that’s far from true.

Bernie thinks Gemma needs help

Bernie thinks Gemma needs help

Tyrone reveals to Fiz that Cerberus isn’t well and Evelyn plans to take him to the vets. When Emma reveals that her Mum has offered to pay for them to visit her in Australia, Seb’s not keen and she’s left disappointed. Michael enjoys spending some time with Grace and Tianna but when he proposes that they meet for a drink and sort out a more formal arrangement, Grace flies off the handle.