Coronation Street spoilers: Can Liz McDonald persuade Johnny to give up baby Susie?

Johnny admits to Liz McDonald that he can’t bear to lose his granddaughter baby Susie. But she tries to persuade him to do the right thing.

Liz McDonald realises Johnny stole her keys to the pub. Taking this in Kate and Jenny search his flat and are horrified to find Johnny hasn’t been taking his MS pills. In a hotel room, a weak Johnny struggles to feed baby Susie, as a bereft Eva makes a public appeal for her return. Having watched the appeal, Johnny calls Liz. When she arrives Johnny breaks down, admitting he can’t bear to lose his granddaughter.

Henry declares his love for Gemma and tells her how his parents forced him to get engaged to Cressida by threatening to disinherit him. Gemma tells him to get lost but when he announces he’s told them to stick their inheritance, he wants to be with her and has bought her the Rovers will Gemma be moved?

Steve begs Eileen not to throw Abi and Seb out on the street. Eileen begrudgingly agrees on condition he breaks off his engagement to Tracy!

Brian’s incensed to hear that Daniel and Sinead have gazumped him over the shop. Cathy promises to try and talk them out of it but when Sinead describes her vision of a vintage clothes shop, Cathy agrees that she deserves the unit. Brian’s furious, revealing that he’s already resigned from his job!

Angie and Jude see a marriage guidance counsellor, where Angie admits she’s lost all respect for Jude and feels trapped in her marriage.

Second episode of the evening.