Carla Connor is shocked to find Roy sleepwalking in the street and advises him to go and talk to someone as clearly his mum’s death has brought this on. But will he dismiss her concerns again?

Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor worries about Roy

Carla chases after Roy

Johnny and Jenny return all loved up but find the pub in a state of disarray and Chesney and Gemma locked in the cellar. Emma’s appeals for some more shifts fall on deaf ears.

Johnny and Jenny return to find the pub in a state of disarray

Shona finds a DVD on the doormat and is horrified to discover someone filmed her and David whilst they slept. Clayton tells her that the prison bullies were behind it and she needs to help him or they will be after her.

Later, Shona is cornered by two thugs in the barbers shop, will she agree to their demands? Suddenly, Nick walks in and demands to know what is going on. Will Shona be able to talk her out of this one?

A loved up Abi has spent the night at number 4 and is clearly loved up. Later, she’s gutted when Peter tells her that Nick and Gail want the boat moving and a mate has offered him a sailing gig in Kefalonia in a fortnight and he’s going to accept.