Coronation Street spoilers: Sean gets help from new homeless friend Carol

Sean's new homeless friend Carol comes to the rescue and takes him to A&E. But what's next for the Rovers barman who still has nowhere to live?

Carol finds Sean Tully slumped in the toilets battered and bruised and takes him to A&E where he is forced to admit to the police that he is homeless. Back at the rec, Sean finds his things have been stolen and Carol shows him a homeless encampment in another area of the park. Sean wonders how his life has come to this.

Carol helps Sean Tully when she finds him at his lowest ebb in the toilets.

A pregnancy test reveals Sinead is indeed pregnant. Daniel and Sinead beg for her job back.

Johnny vows to do all he can to get Eva to come to the inquest so that he can see Susie one more time.

Johnny Connor in Coronation Street

Carla agrees to put 25% towards Maria’s business plan. Billy prays at Josh’s bedside. Gemma promises to pay Leanne back the £300 overspend from the cash and carry.