Coronation Street spoilers: Chesney Brown puts his relationship to the test

Chesney Brown names ‘irresponsible’ as Gemma’s greatest fault and they lose the Mr & Mrs quiz

Attempting to make amends with Gemma, Chesney Brown promises her he felt Fiz and Tyrone were best placed to take on Joseph and it’s not a matter of her being too irresponsible. Gemma is unconvinced as they head to The Rovers to take part in the Mr & Mrs competition.

Tracey blames Steve when they are the first couple to be knocked out of the quiz and argues they are the only genuine Mr&Mrs taking part. When Chesney retorts that he and Gemma don’t need to be married to prove they are committed, Gemma is pleased. However things go quickly downhill when Chesney names ‘irresponsible’ as Gemma’s greatest fault and they lose the quiz.

A row ensues when Peter accuses Kate of sending Carla the message from Rana’s account. As Kate and Imran vehemently deny it the two wonder who sent the message. Johnny confides in Michelle that he fears the message could push her over the edge.

When Peter finds Carla sitting in Victoria Gardens and leads her home, she looks around nervously, certain she’s being watched. Back at No.1, Ken and Peter worry as Carla knocks back wine gazing listlessly into thin air and when she receives another message from ‘Rana’ she is completely freaked out.

Carla Connor corrie

As Natalie’s about to head home for the day, Nick produces a fancy dress costume and sends her to hand out leaflets. Wise to his game, Natalie calmly goes. Back at the barbers she informs David she won’t quit as she really wants to learn the trade. What will David do next?

Natalie and David

Gary enlists Faye to look after Harry while he does Mary’s guttering. When Sarah ticks off Gary for dumping Harry, Gary lies that Peter’s bribe money all went on paying his workers’ wages so he’s still got to graft wherever he can. Seeing he’s doing his best, Sarah hugs him. Sinead gets emotional as she prepares to go into hospital overnight but Daniel assures her that he and Bertie will be waiting for her when she’s finished treatment.

Second episode of Coronation Street tonight.