Coronation Street spoilers: Claudia Colby is questioned by the police!

Ken is determined to help when Claudia Colby is taken away in a police car for questioning.

Claudia Colby is taken away for police questioning but Ken is adamant of her innocence and determined to find the real culprit. In the Rovers, Ken tears a strip off Audrey for her treatment of Claudia, but can Audrey persuade him that she’s the one in the wrong?

Sinead brushes her hair and a huge clump comes out but Beth and Daniel are supportive, telling her not to worry and that she’ll always be beautiful. As Daniel and Sinead await the results of her scan, Sinead suddenly bursts into tears, convinced he won’t fancy her when she’s bald. Daniel can’t handle seeing her so upset and forms a plan to help. What has he got in mind?

Sinead bursts into tears, convinced Daniel won’t fancy her

Sophie and Tim lure Duncan’s daughter, Olivia, to Speed Daal to get information from her. But when she gets there she angrily calls her Dad. Duncan arrives in Speed Daal to be confronted by Tim. He quickly steers Olivia out of the restaurant but it’s clear Tim’s hit a nerve.

Brian starts work at the Kabin but things don’t go to plan when first Beth, then Roy, call in to complain they’ve had the wrong magazine delivered. Will he give up on his new career in retail already?

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