Shona Ramsey visits Clayton in prison to tell him his dad has died from an overdose. She realises he already knew and he says he is being bullied and wants her help to get him moved to an open prison. How will David react when she tells him Clayton needs her help?

Coronation Street spoilers: What does Clayton want from Shona Ramsey?

What does Clayton want?

David and Nick conduct interviews with a set of gorgeous girls but are taken aback when one of the applicants Andrea turns out to be an Italian man. Later, Shona and Leanne reveal they are furious with the lads misogynistic behaviour and insist they reconsider and employ Andrea. Will the pair agree?

Steve is worried when the police turn up at the Rovers looking for his mum as she has not turned up in court. What has happened to her? And is she gone for good?

Brian and Cathy reveal that they’re the new owners of the Kabin. Rita’s furious that they went behind her back and chucking the keys at them, tells them she’s resigning with immediate effect. Can they change her mind?

Gemma apologises to Chesney for standing him up and assures him that her feelings towards him haven’t changed. Do this pair finally have a happy future together?