Cormac Hibbs takes some coke and offers ecstasy pills to Sophie, Bethany and Ryan. Bethany and Sophie leave and Ryan runs after them. Alone in the flat, Cormac slips a bag of pills in Ryan’s pocket. Angry Sophie rails at Ryan reminding him his drug taking almost cost her her life.

He tries to assure her he has changed and heads back to the flat where he finds Cormac having a fit. He calls Ali who dashes round, believing an ambulance has also been called, but he discovers that Ryan didn’t call one and before they can arrive Cormac dies.

Coronation Street spoilers: Cormac Hibbs collapses and dies after taking drugs!

Billy tries to explain to David how he felt responsible for what happened to Josh but he’s having none of it. Billy knows he has to tell Josh to leave.

Billy knows he has to tell Josh to leave.

Steve takes Tracy to the Bistro as she is upset about Amy missing the wedding and is disconcerted to discover Peter on the next table. Will he keep his secret?

Steve and Peter

Jude lies to Angie about how well the first aid course went and he is shocked when Roy comes round with a cheque for £3k to help fund his paramedic training.

Second episode of Coronation Street being shown tonight. Corrie returns next week.