Coronation Street spoilers: Will Daniel Osbourne and Bethany Platt kiss?

After arguing with Sinead, Daniel Osbourne seeks out Bethany Platt

When Daniel Osbourne and Sinead row in Coronation Street about their wedding plans, with Sinead wanting a more low key affair, he accuses her of putting her beard oil business before the wedding.

Suggesting they call the whole thing off, an upset Daniel slams out as Sinead agrees. Bethany’s disappointed when the Gazette fail to print her article as is didn’t make the grade.

Incensed Daniel tears a strip of the editor. Bethany’s mortified but Daniel assures her he wasn’t trying to undermine her and only wants to help. Bethany gazes at him and it seems they might kiss!

Keen to get to know her new sister, Amy suggests they invite Emma round for tea. As Steve and Tracy fuss round her Emma just wishes they’d relax.

Emma, Coronation Street

Steve and Tracy try their best but Emma feels awkward when she is invited for tea by Amy

At Geoff’s insistence, Yasmeen has a clear out at No.6 and asks Alya to pick up the last of her stuff as Geoff will be using her room for his magic. Ray calls Michelle to a business meeting, proposing he franchises out his hotel restaurants to the bistro and she oversees it. Michelle’s flattered.

Meanwhile, what will Eileen’s new circumstances mean for Mary?