Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne discovers Peter’s dark secret

Daniel Osbourne makes a shocking discovery about Peter

In this hour-long episode of Coronation Street a shocked Daniel Osbourne finds Peter in Victoria gardens leaning against a wall clutching his stomach, vomiting and covered in blood.

As he slumps to the ground, a panicky Daniel calls for an ambulance. In the hospital, the doctor assures Peter they will do their best to stop the bleeding but there’s a possibility he is suffering from liver failure.

Peter makes a shocked Daniel promise not to tell anyone what’s going on as he couldn’t bear for Ken or Simon to see him in such a state.

Elsewhere, Billy and Paul arrive in Speed Daal to find Todd at a table with Ajay. Todd introduces him, explaining that he’s the manager at the helpline.

Billy reckons Todd only volunteered because he fancied the manager and Todd’s quietly pleased with himself.

Egged on by Todd, Ajay talks about his job at the helpline and how it’s imperative not to get too involved. Billy and Paul share an awkward glance.

Can Todd Make Billy jealous?

Can Todd Make Billy jealous?

On the street, Toyah and Imran fuss over Mason and as Toyah bends over the pram to give him a kiss, neither of them notices a grief stricken Leanne watching from the window of her flat.

But how will Toyah react when Imran gets a call from social services informing him that they’ll be collecting Mason later that day?

Toyah embraces life as a foster mum

Toyah embraces life as a foster mum

Adam calls at No.8 and reveals to a shocked Sarah that he knows she tipped the police off about the body in the woods.

She explains she came to her senses and realised it was time Gary got his just desserts. As Adam heads out, an anxious Sarah wonders what he’ll tell the police.

Shona tells David that she reckons it’s time she returned to work. Roy agrees that she can start back at the cafe with light duties to begin with.