Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne tells Carla that Robert has done a runner!

Daniel Osbourne tells Carla that Robert is planning to jilt Michelle on her big day.

Devastated that Michelle could betray him on his wedding day, Robert throws his things in the car, telling Daniel Osbourne the wedding is off and he’s going away. As Michelle waits for the ceremony to begin, Daniel arrives at the bistro and confides in Carla that Robert’s done a runner.

Phelan offers Jack a tenner to cut him free as Gary and Sarah return to the builder’s yard to find him struggling to cut Phelan’s bonds. Handing Jack a tenner, Sarah sends him on his way, making him promise not to tell anyone. Phelan goads Gary with nasty jibes about Anna and Gary snaps and gives him a vicious kicking. Suddenly Phelan rears up and throwing a chair at Gary and barges his way into the builder’s yard where he pulls out a gun…

David asks Shona to tell Alya the truth about Josh. When Alya reveals that Josh told her about his one night stand with David, Shona’s appalled and quickly puts her straight, Josh raped David and he’s been to the police. Alya doesn’t know who to believe.

Rosie urges Olivia, the other model, to open the bag Antoine entrusted her with and when she finds it contains cocaine. Gemma forms a plan.