Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne vows to support sick Sinead

Daniel visits Sinead in hospital and promises to support her and their unborn baby following her shock cancer diagnosis.

Daniel Osbourne is devastated but his pain soon turns to fury as he realises his dad Ken has kept Sinead’s illness from him. He’s further horrified when Sinead reveals she’s refused treatment as it would mean losing their baby.

Daniel Osbourne and Sinead embrace as he promises to support her and the baby

Daniel and Sinead embrace as he promises to support her and the baby. (Picture: ITV)

Beside himself, Daniel implores Sinead to do whatever it takes to increase her chances of survival but she’s adamant that their baby’s life comes first. Back at home, an emotional Daniel is intent on venting his rage at Ken but Peter stops him, explaining that while Ken has many faults he can’t be blamed for Sinead’s cancer and for respecting her wishes. Peter implores Daniel to be the better man and stand by Sinead despite their differences.

Ken thanks Peter for talking some sense into Daniel, promising he intends to make up for his past mistakes. In hospital, Daniel cuddles up to Sinead, assuring her that he’ll always love her and will never leave her. But Sinead can’t help but put his feelings first. Will she tell him to leave her and move on with his life?

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