Coronation Street Spoilers: David Platt attacks his cellmate!

David Platt lashes out and shoves his cellmate against the wall

Gail suggests to Emma that it’s time she forgot David Platt and moved out. Will Emma take the hint? When Imran pushes Shona for the details of the extenuating circumstances she’s been alluding to which explain David’s behaviour, will she reveal the truth? Meanwhile, when David’s cellmate Paul gently tries to wake him up, David lashes out and shoves him against the wall.

Desperate to understand Aidan’s motive for suicide, Johnny insists they visit his flat but once there it’s too much for him and he suffers a panic attack. Jenny’s treading on eggshells but when she points out that Sophie, who’s admitted not replying to a text Aidan sent, isn’t to blame for his death, Johnny rails at her and slouches off to bed. As Carla and Michelle sort through Aidan’s things, Michelle comes across Aidan’s will and is stunned at the contents.

A moody Adam orders Daniel to get rid of Flora. Daniel apologises but Flora’s unfazed by Adam’s outburst. Later, Daniel invites Sinead round to dinner with Flora.

When Billy looks at Summer’s laptop he’s concerned to see she’s been using a forum for people who’ve lost someone through suicide. Tyrone proudly unveils a wind-powered dancing man advertising Webster’s Autos.

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