Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt comes face to face with Josh!

David Platt is shocked as his past comes back to haunt him in this one-hour episode, part one of our preview

Shona tries to contact Max but he ignores her calls. David Platt voices his concerns over the tense atmosphere in the prison and is worried when Shona tells him about Max staying at Marion’s house and how she plans to apply for custody of her grandson in this one-hour episode (see TV Guide for full listings). His day goes from bad to worse when he goes to the medical wing to get his medication and is horrified to spot a bloodied and bruised Josh waiting to get treatment.

Gemma is infuriated to find that a photo of her stuck in the turnstile has made the front page of the Gazette and that she is being harassed by journalists. She meets with a PR Agent in the Rovers who insist she could set up interviews and make Gemma a small fortune. Gemma is interested but suddenly starts to get stomach pains.

Gemma meets with a PR Agent in Coronation Street

Gemma meets with a PR agent but suddenly gets stomach cramps…

Bethany struggles with her short story for the writing course so Brian suggests she should pick a subject close to her heart.

Much to Alya’s annoyance, a thrilled Geoff explains that Zeedan has agreed to sell his half of the business. Sinead admits to Beth that just the simplest of tasks has become an uphill struggle as she’s no energy.