Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt pushes Billy too far…

Billy is shocked when David Platt and a fellow offender make homophobic jibes about him.

Billy is shocked when he visits the community centre to find David Platt and a fellow offender decorating the place, making homophobic jibes about him. When the other man leaves Billy tackles David but is shocked by his reaction.

Ryan regains consciousness and listens to Robert telling Michelle that he brought it on himself with his bad behaviour. When the police quiz Ryan he says he can’t remember anything. Bethany meanwhile is worried she caused his injuries when she lashed out at him, prompting Sarah to admit it was her. Sarah visits Ryan in hospital but he shows now sign of remembering their altercation.

Sean tells Fiz the start-up job is not what he thought it would be. He goes to Speed Dial but Yasmeen tells him she has filled the vacancies. Fiz asks Sean to get the groceries and says she will take the money off his rent but he wonders where he is going to find the money.

Beth and Kirk prepare to move into the kebab shop flat. Maria plucks up the courage to ask Audrey if she can buy into the salon and be her business partner.