Nick makes it clear to Leanne that he wants her back. Will she agree? When David Platt lets slip that he considered taking his own life, Nick is horrified but David makes it clear he won’t discuss it and wants nothing more to do with his brother.

Simon tells Nick about falling in with Tyler’s gang and getting into trouble and later Carla is shocked to see Nick getting into his car. What’s Nick up to?

David lets slip to Nick he nearly took his life

David lets slip to Nick he nearly took his life

Michelle returns home and is shocked to find Ali with his bags packed and ready to flee. She tries to reason with him but will he leave the street for good?

Will Ali leave?

Michelle pleads with Ali not to leave

Peter insists to Daniel that he had no choice but to suspend Sinead. Feeling dejected she realises things can’t get any worse at the moment and tells Daniel he must accept his place on the Masters course.

When Peter reveals that he’s suspended Vicky, Simon’s horrified, fearing that Tyler will make his life hell. Fiz and Izzy make it clear to Peter that if Vicky returns to work, they’ll walk out. Peter’s at the end of his tether but will he choose his work force or Simon?

Second episode of Coronation Street on this evening.