Toyah is horrified to see that Leanne is speaking to Nick after all that has happened, and quickly rounds on him for leaving Leanne in the lurch when she needed him the most. Nick realises he isn’t welcome and the sisters need more time so he goes to No. 8 where Gail is thrilled to see him. However, David Platt makes it clear he wants nothing to do with him. Will Leanne have a change or heart too when she starts to feel better?

David Platt washes his hands of Nick and explains he doesn’t need him.

David Platt slams Nick

After everything that has happened with Johnny and Jenny, Liz gets dressed up to the nines, puts on a brave face and walks into the Rovers ready to serve her punters like the glamourpuss she is. But Johnny casts a nervous glance at Carla, knowing that he has caused hurt all around him. It’s clear that Jenny is still in Liz’s leopard print shadow but what will she do about it?

Vicky takes pleasure in winding up the factory girls. Peter wishes he could fire her but is worried that he can’t because of Simon. But will Vicky’s teasing become too much for him to bear?

Peter would love to fire Vicky

Peter would love to fire Vicky

The police quiz Ali about the firearm found in Ronan’s car but Ali denies all knowledge. Will they release him with no charges?

Second episode of Coronation Street on this evening.