Coronation Street spoilers: Debbie has a warning for Abi Franklin…

Debbie tells Abi Franklin that’s she’s watching her

In tonight’s second episode of Coronation Street at 8.30pm (see our TV guide for full details) Debbie catches Abi Franklin with Peter!

Abi Franklin returns home to face the music but is dumbstruck when Kevin suggests they should draw a line under the past and start again.

But when a suspicious Debbie sees Abi meet up with Peter in the ginnel she demands to know what is going on. Later, Carla’s ears prick up when Jenny lets slip that Peter’s been calming Abi. So when Peter reveals he’s told Abi he won’t help her any more, Carla hopes she got the message.

Debbie catches Ali with Peter

Debbie catches Abi with Peter

Tracy is worried when Steve suggests that if Nick is selling his shares in Underworld he and Tracy should sell Streetcars and the florist to fund Oliver’s treatment

Tracy makes it clear she's not onboard with Steve's plan

Tracy makes it clear she’s not onboard with Steve’s plan

Daniel bids farewell to a smitten Nicky outside the tram stop. As he turns to leave, Kirk approaches and reveals Beth is inconsolable with worry about Bertie. Daniel promises Kirk he has no intention of replacing Sinead with a meaningless sex worker.

Is Daniel ashamed of Nicky?

Is Daniel ashamed of Nicky?

Billy tells Mary that he’s hired a private detective to hunt for Todd. George calls in the flower shop and orders a bouquet for Mary to prove he’s truly sorry for upsetting her and she melts.

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