Coronation Street spoilers: Desperate David Platt fights for Shona

David Platt comes face to face with Clayton

In tonight’s first episode of Coronation Street (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) David Platt visits Clayton in prison and implores him to leave Shona alone.

But clearly enjoying David’s misery, Clayton assures him that’s not going to happen.

Coronation Street spoilers: Desperate David Platt fights for Shona

Clayton laughs in David’s face

Gemma has a terrible dream where she hurts Aled, rushing downstairs in a panic she’s relieved to find Chesney feeding him, but she is still deeply unnerved to think she might harm one of her babies.

When her health visitor later tells Gemma that Llio has lost weight and she needs to increase her formula milk, Gemma’s further shaken. The health visitor quizzes her about her state of mind but Gemma insists she’s fine. As Julie leaves, Gemma fights back the tears. The babies’ crying escalating she heads out to the yard to calm herself down but as the door closes behind her she realises with horror she’s locked out.

Evelyn puts a brave face on after being stood up, while Tyrone gives Arthur a piece of his mind, telling him to stay away from his nan in future as she’s not interested. Arthur’s crushed.

Tyrone gives Arthur a piece of his mind

Tyrone interfers in Evelyn’s love life

Making out that something terrible has happened, Ryan drags Yasmeen to their flat where Alya introduces her to a police woman who has information about Geoff.

But Yasmeen refuses to listen and rushes out. Alya later finds Yasmeen and handing her the police officer’s card, begs her to give her a call and find out the truth about Geoff.

Norris reluctantly agrees to join Ken for the Stillwaters’ art class.