Coronation Street spoilers: Desperate Robert Preston bribes Ryan!

Robert Preston resorts to desperate measures in order to see Vicky

Coronation Street‘s Robert Preston promises Vicky he will be there for the midwife appointment but finds himself torn when Michelle swans off to a wedding dress sale, leaving him in charge of the Bistro. He bribes Ryan to man the Bistro, while he goes to meet Vicky, but Ryan is soon in over his head.

Daniel and Sinead are both worried about her MRI scan and in the hospital waiting room, Sinead is honest with Daniel, telling him to face the fact she could die. The pair are terrified when Sinead is called in for her scan. What will it reveal?

Sarah phones the police after Gail fails to return, meanwhile Audrey blames Nick and David for driving her away. David furiously blames Nick for Gail’s disappearance and the brothers lock horns. Will anybody break them up before they do something they regret?

Rita tells Sean he owes Paul an apology, meanwhile Paul feels his friends and boyfriend don’t trust him. Billy and Sean are chastened.

When Michael tells Steve they’ve got a unicorn party at 1pm, they enlist the help of Craig to distract Tim from his lunchtime visit to Tiny. After the unicorn party, Steve and Michael congratulate each other however they’re horrified when they realise Tiny has disappeared. Alya books Ryan to do an afternoon DJ set at Speed Daal.

First episode of Coronation Street tonight.