Coronation Street spoilers: Devastated Daniel Osbourne turns to drink…

Adam finds Daniel Osbourne drunk and alone in the ginnel

Coronation Street‘s Daniel Osbourne and Bethany are in turmoil about their shared moment in Wednesday’s second episode (see our TV Guide for full listings). Daniel swears to Sinead that it meant nothing but she can’t look at him and a furious Craig bundles him out of the door.

Beth hurries up to the flat to check on Sinead. Having been summoned by Beth, Dr Gaddas tends to Sinead and assures her that whatever has happened with Daniel, she’s deeply loved and Bertie needs her. An angry Craig confronts Bethany and tells her he’s disgusted with her behaviour.

Meanwhile, Adam finds Daniel in the ginnel, drunk and in self destruct mode. Peter and Carla return from Italy and call at No.1 with a present for Ken. They’re interrupted by a clearly worried Adam who tells them about Daniel’s state of mind.

Coronation Street spoilers: Devastated Daniel Osbourne turns to drink...

Daniel hits self destruct as he tries to forget his troubles

Max recognises Josh in the video and wonders if it was David who attacked him. Sarah and Shona secretly wonder the same thing. Marion collects Max to spend the afternoon with him and David calls Shona from prison. He’s horrified to hear that Max has seen the video but swears that he had nothing to do with the attack on Josh. Shona’s unsure what to believe.

Imran visits David in prison and tells him about the video which is doing the rounds and clearly implicates him in Josh’s stabbing. David swears he wasn’t to blame.