Coronation Street spoilers: Eileen Grimshaw says an emotional goodbye

Eileen Grimshaw makes Seb and offer as she and Nicola leave the street

After her farewell party, Eileen Grimshaw tells Seb he can stay at No.11 until she finds a tenant. But as soon as Eileen and Nicola have gone Abi invites herself to stay.

Carla is furious to discover the locks to the factory have been changed. Carla, Jenny and Kate confront Alya and demand to know what she’s playing at but she claims she’s only taking what’s rightfully hers. Carla offers Alya 18% of the factory, explaining it was Aidan’s share before she gifted him the rest of the business. Will Alya accept this?

Johnny stares at Aidan’s coffin in the ground and insists he wants to be alone so a hurt Jenny heads off to the wake. Johnny returns to the street emotionally drained and admits to Liz he can’t bear to be in the same room as Jenny. Liz invites him back to her flat where Johnny confesses his feelings for Liz.

Michelle returns home to find Ali there by himself, and he admits that he couldn’t face the funeral as he felt like an interloper. Michelle hugs him and assures him he means everything to her.,Peter confronts Eva with the hospital baby photo. Is he onto the truth? Later, Toyah’s worried when Peter muses that Eva never leaves Susie alone.

Second episode of the evening.