Coronation Street Spoilers: Eileen Grimshaw gets a warm welcome back to work

Eileen Grimshaw receives troubling phones calls as Steve and Tim wlecome her back to the cab office

Steve and Tim lead Eileen Grimshaw into the cab office to reveal a ‘welcome back’ banner and her favourite biscuits. Eileen’s moved but when she starts receiving silent calls on her mobile she’s left unnerved.

As Phil and his mates loom over the girls, Sophie triggers her rape alarm and the lads run off. Back on the street, Rana tells Kate that she’s asked Zeedan for a divorce and they kiss passionately in the ginnel. Unbeknown to them an angry Phil has followed them and grabs Kate. As Kate struggles, Zeedan hears Rana scream and runs over punching Phil and knocking him unconscious.

After pushing himself to the limit at the gym, Robert later suffers chest pains. He quickly covers and Michelle remains oblivious.

Yasmeen enthuses about her evening with Geoff. After listening to Seb explain how hard it is for Abi to find work because of her criminal record, Tyrone is reminded of his own mother and offers Abi the job. After a chat with Eileen, Johnny apologises to Jenny for pushing her away. Telling him she loves him, Jenny asks where he spent the night. Will Johnny admit he was with Liz? Adam takes Flora for dinner and can’t help enjoying her company.

Second episode of the evening.