Coronation Street spoilers: Emma drops a bombshell on Steve McDonald…

Steve McDonald is gutted when Emma announces she’s spending Christmas in Australia

Coronation Street‘s Steve McDonald is disappointed when Emma reveals that Fiona has bought tickets for her to spend Christmas in Australia in Friday’s second episode (8.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

When Amy shows Emma the stockings that their dad has made for each of them, Emma decides to stay in Weatherfield. Steve’s delighted but will Emma clock how much he would have missed her?

Robert suggests to Michelle that they gather their family together to tell them about the upcoming wedding. Painting on a smile, Michelle agrees, but tells Carla that the necklace he bought her isn’t enough to win her affections back. Will Michelle step up her plan to take everything from Robert?

Michelle has revenge in mind...

Michelle has revenge in mind…

Fiz breaks the news to Jade that with Hope returning to Bessie Street, her services will no longer be required. Will Jade find someway to stick around and continue to cause trouble for Fiz, Hope and Tyrone?

Desperate to spend more time with Richard and relieve Nina of her stress, Roy agrees to give Aggie more shifts in the cafe. But Nina’s unimpressed when Roy announces to Richard that he’s going to take over her duties. Will Nina tell Roy is time he left them both alone?