Coronation Street spoilers: The factory is on fire… with Hope Stape trapped inside!

Hope Stape takes matters into her own hands as her behaviour worsens.

As Fiz and Tyrone row in Coronation Street, Hope Stape slips out unnoticed. Horrified Fiz calls the police while Tyrone rounds up a search party. Inside the factory Hope hides behind some cardboard boxes.

As Ali and Maria set off for a charity ball, they hear Hope’s cries for help coming from the factory and are horrified to see her surrounded by burning boxes. Ali forces his way in through the smoke intent on rescuing her. Will he get to Hope and time? And who started the fire?

Coronation Street, Fiz, Tyrone

Fiz and Tyrone panic and call the police when they discover Hope is missing

When Yasmeen presses Geoff for his medical results he infers that he hasn’t long to live. Yasmeen’s devastated and despite Geoff saying no one else must know she confides in Sally that he has terminal cancer. Sally and Tim tell Geoff they want to help.

When Eileen tells Seb that she intends to run away with Jan he does his best to change her mind but she admits they’ve accepted a witness protection scheme. Seb worries when he sees a strange van parked nearby with Polish voices coming from inside.

It’s Craig’s 21st birthday. Steve offers to help Emma pack up her Dad’s things, she’s touched.