Coronation Street spoilers: Fiz Brown realises that Gina likes Tim

Fiz Brown is alarmed to discover that Gina has feeings for Tim.

When the factory girls rib Gina, suggesting she and Tim are like an old married couple, Fiz Brown (Jennie McAlpine) is alarmed to clock Gina’s wistful look.

But will she tell her friend to steal clear? Meanwhile, Paula visits Sally in prison and tells her she has a plan which should see her freed.

In Speed Daal, Paula meets Julian, a fellow lawyer and she’s cool towards Sophie, treating her as a waitress. Sophie’s hurt and shows she’s not happy but Paula explains that Julian has some useful evidence about Sally’s case. Sophie apologises to Julian.

After clocking Evelyn’s “new” earrings, Fiz shows Tyrone Vera’s half-empty jewellery box under Evelyn’s bed. Tyrone confronts Evelyn and demands to know why she thought it would be okay to take Vera’s earrings.

Tyrone confronts Evelyn

Tyrone confronts Evelyn

Johnny and Jenny throw an engagement party for Kate and Rana. When Kate announces that one of the reasons she picked Rana is that she’ll make a terrific Mum, Rana’s floored. Sensing it isn’t what Rana wants, Imran warns his sister to tell Kate now before it’s too late.

Nick continues to screen calls from Elsa, however he’s horrified to discover that Carla has been looking at his restaurant website.

Coronation Street continues tonight at 8.30pm