Coronation Street spoilers: Fiz Stape reveals her fears to Maria…

Coronation Street spoilers - Fiz Stape triers to move on as Tyrone plays happy families

In tonight’s second episode of Coronation Street (ITV, 8.30pm) Fiz Stape makes up with Maria and admits her biggest fear is that the girls will choose Alina over her.

Over tea, Hope quizzes Alina about her favourite things and to Tyrone’s delight, it’s clear the girls are smitten. As Tyrone, Alina, Hope and Ruby tumble out of Speed Daal in high spirits, Fiz steams over and doing her best not to cry, drags the girls away.

Coronation Street spoilers: Fiz Stape reveals her fears to Maria…

Fiz and Maria put the past behind them

When Corey reveals that Dev had a word with his Dad and she’s no longer welcome to stay, Asha’s furious. Aadi reveals to Dev that Asha’s been in touch and told him where she’s living. Dev calls at Nick and Leanne’s flat and smug Corey explains that his parents have taken over the lease and the flat is now his and Asha’s.

Dev's actions push Asha into Corey's arms

Dev’s actions push Asha into Corey’s arms

George is horrified to discover that Todd has been demanding deposits from clients before the funeral has taken place and resolves to refund every one of them. Having called a few clients, George begrudgingly admits that Todd’s business idea is a good one and wonders if he’s got any more up his sleeve.

Nina thaws towards Seb and explains how she became a Goth and what it means to her. Nina forgives Seb and asks him to move in.

Coronation Street spoilers.