Gail Platt is worried about Audrey and says she is going round to the house. Claudia texts Audrey to warn her. Audrey gets the message just in time to see Gail peering through the window as she and Lewis share a romantic meal. How will Gail react?

Gail Platt is stunned to see Audrey and Lewis share a romantic meal.

Sean tells Billy everything and says he felt he couldn’t ask for help as everyone had something going on. He’s angry when Billy gets Eileen to come to the hospital and insists he doesn’t want their charity. Carol gives him food for thought when she warns him not to turn out like her. Eileen and Billy feel bad that they let Sean down in his hour of need so they are delighted when he arrives back on the street and says he needs help. Billy says he can have his sofa.

Sally, Paula and Gina enjoy a laugh together in the Bistro. Sally’s irritated when Gina tells Paula how Sally used to idolise her at school. When Paula reveals her daughter’s just split from her girlfriend, Sally delightedly suggests they should set her up with Sophie.

Sally, Paula and Gina enjoy a laugh together in the Bistro.

Robert and Michelle ask to see the work at the Rovers but Johnny and Jenny say they’ll have to wait till the grand reopening. Gemma and Henry are thrilled when Johnny and Jenny agree to employ them at the Rovers when they re-open. As they celebrate in the street, they fail to spot two sinister-looking men watching Henry.

Imran fears his mum wants him to accompany her on the cruise in Hassan’s place.

Second episode of Coronation Street this evening.