Abi and Eileen call at the yard and do their best to talk Seb Franklin out of his mission to adopt the twins. Seb’s furious and as their row escalates and none of them notices Gary arrive with a prospective client.

Unimpressed he tells Gary he’s taking his business elsewhere and later Gary tells Seb that he’s fired. Desperate, Seb makes a shocking decision and presents Sarah with an ultimatum…

Coronation Street spoilers: Gary fires Seb Franklin!


Tyrone bitterly tells Evelyn to enjoy her holiday and not to bother coming back as he never wants to see her again. Evelyn begs Roy to speak to him, explaining how much the pair have bonded since they met.

Roy warns Tyrone not to turn his back on his grandmother, admitting how much he regrets his fractured relationship with Sylvia. Will Roy’s words strike a cord with Tyrone?

Roy warns Tyrone not to turn his back on his grandmother

Roy has some wise words for Tyrone – will he listen?

After hearing the plan for Amy’s baby, Liz warns Steve and Tracy that adopting is a huge commitment. How will Amy feel? And more importantly, what will the baby’s father do about it?

As a loved up Chesney and Emma head out, Gemma watches with a pang of jealousy. Has she decided to try to fight for her dream man?

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