An angry Seb turns on Gary Windass for sacking him when he needed the job most and to get back at him, he tells Gary that Sarah spent the evening at Adam’s flat.

Gary is furious and confronts Adam, but what will he say? And how will Sarah stop these two coming to blows?

Coronation Street spoilers: Gary Windass confronts Adam!

Will it end in blows?

Peter finds Abi working on the boat and she explains she needs to be busy as it keeps her out of trouble. When she asks Peter about his relationship with Carla he insists they are just friends and kisses Abi again. Leaving the factory, Carla spots a light on the boat and heads over, what will she find when she walks in?

Nick tells Roy that Carla is skipping meals and working too hard. Michelle is shocked when Carla is rude and distracted with an old client over lunch and tells her she is becoming a workaholic. Will Carla take her friends words on board and decide it’s time to tae a break?

Paul offers to help Billy sort out the donations for the church bring and buy sale. Rita says she has heard from Norris, he is going travelling with Emily and Freda and wants to sell the Kabin.