Coronation Street spoilers: Gary Windass tracks down Pat but things don’t go to plan…

Gary Windass is thrilled when he finds Pat’s caravan – but a fight quickly breaks out.

Gary Windass and Joe let themselves into Phelan’s caravan and a fight breaks out but Joe manages to knock Phelan unconscious. The pair return to the builder’s yard and lock Phelan in the storeroom. But when Sarah discovers a bound, gagged and unconscious Phelan what will she do?

Alya tells Shona that Josh is moving away. Meanwhile, David breaks the news to Emma that he’d like her to move out, hiding her upset she asks Billy about Shona’s old room. Dec tracks down David and reveals he’s also a victim of Josh but can’t bring himself to go to the police and wants Shona to stop bothering him.

David listens as Johnny pours his heart out to Peter wishing that Aidan had talked to him rather than internalising his demons. Reaching a decision David tells Shona he’s ready to report Josh and she tells him to be quick as he is planning to scarper.

As Michelle has her hair done, Johnny calls to say he won’t be attending the wedding as he doesn’t feel up to it. When Michelle then finds out that Ryan’s missing after getting bladdered, she wonders if her wedding is doomed. Robert and Daniel trace Ryan to a flat where he’s spent the night with a woman. But when her husband returns and demands to know which of them she slept with, Ryan points the finger at Robert!

Flora overhears Daniel assuring Sinead he’s doing his best to find her a place in a care home. Rosie insists on going ahead with the photo shoot despite Antoine’s involvement.