Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter discovers Paul has sold Roy’s ring!

Gemma Winter and Paul get in to trouble while trying to recover Roy’s ring.

Paul steals the diamond ring from the box and pockets it. But Gemma Winter is suspicious when Roy comes to see Billy wondering if he accidentaly put his mother’s valuable ring in the jumble bag. She confronts Paul but he has already sold it to ‘Big Garth’, a market trader, for £200.

When Gemma points out it was worth £3k, Paul heads off to the market with Gemma running after him. Paul warns her that if she grasses him up to Roy he will tell Chesney about her past.

At the market stall, Garth refuses to hand over the ring so Gemma and Paul break into his van to try and find it and end up locked in the back!

Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter discovers Paul stole Roy’s ring!

Gemma Winter makes a shocking discovery

When Johnny reveals Eva has asked him to go and visit her and Susie in Brighton Jenny insists he must go. Once he’s left she proceeds to get blind drunk and stumbles around the bar. Convinced everyone is staring at her and talking about her she throws everyone out of the pub.

Abi tells an incredulous Sally and Tracy that she is going to go sailing with Peter. Tracy warns Peter not to lead Abi up the garden path and let her down gently.

Brian is given food for thought when Rita confirms that she won’t be buying the Kabin as it would break Maria’s heart if she demanded her money back. What does he have planned?

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